The World Will Never Be The Same (Hamilton Lyrics Alive)

Dear America.

Ok. I see you now. You’re racist and misogynistic. Cool. I live here and I have to accept you for who you are. But, I have some questions and feelings.

WHITE WOMEN IN RED STATES: Ladies, what the fuck? You chose a rapist, sexist, orange gummy bear as your president? Why? Are you so insecure and hate yourself so much, that even as a woman you fear being led by one? Isn’t it a tad narrow-minded to only be able to see something run successfully if it were run by a man? A bad man at that. How often good women are overlooked and even blamed for the behavior of bad men? Ladies, I’m disappointed in you. I hope that this experience will help you grow and have more confidence in women. Because hell, you are one.

KKK: So you guys do what you do. I get it. You openly came out and endorsed this man, solidifying him as a white supremacist for me. So, thank you for that. Your hate and malignant bigotry will only take you so far. You’ve been in hiding for a reason. You hide because you have to, not because you want to. You hide behind sheets .You hide from the public. Now that you see you have a new leader who supports your mission, I challenge you to reveal yourself. The truth is, your daughters and sons are in love with black people and black culture. And you, you’ll die soon. Reality is fun, isn’t it?

AMERICAN POC: Thank you for fighting for a country that has proven over and over again that it wasn’t designed for our success. Yet we fight. You fight. And we gain headway slowly but surely. You are every person in my life who I love. I’m grateful that you taught me love, acceptance, to dream and fight for the life and breathe of that dream. We’re the shit. We’re the heartbeat and soul of this nation. American wouldn’t be here without us. There would be no economy. We wouldn’t be a superpower. The world has us to thank yet the job is thankless.

UNEDUCATED WHITES: I want to start a GoFundMe campaign for you to all travel the world. Experience new things. Meet new people. Broaden your perspective on life. I don’t hate you, because you know what you know. But, at what point do you push yourself to know and see more? At what point do you try to stretch yourself and grow past your comforts? Also, what in the good fuck do you think Trump is going to do for you? No, seriously. That’s not a rhetorically question, I’m looking for an answer. You can email me your answers at At any rate, I want more for you and I wish you wanted more for yourself.

YOUNGER GENERATION: Do you guys understand what’s happening at the moment? Some of you do and some of you don’t? Cool. Let’s unpack this a little bit. Sometimes, the world isn’t as fair as we’re teaching you it is. Sometimes, you work and work but you still don’t get the ice cream your parents promised you. And sometimes, it’ll hurt you or upset you to see the bad kid in class get the ice cream from his parents because they reward bad behavior. But that doesn’t mean you stop doing well. You can always say the right thing and do the right thing. It will require bravery, but you know who’s brave, Harry Potter. And he has TONS of books written about him. You want to be the type of person who gets a whole book written on them about their bravery. You live and learn a little longer and see there’s a long list of men and women, of all races, cultures and creeds, who have been the subject of bravery books. Learn about them. Be like them. Then, if one day you have children of your own, teach them what you’ve learned. It will get better guys. Pinky Promise. OH! One last thing. ORGANIZE