Day 1- Frozen is the New Bleh...

Today, I started my skinny, juice cleanse from Raw Generation. Yippee!!

First thing I noticed. I put my juices in the refrigerator a full 24 hours ahead to thaw out. I get to the plantation this morning, grabbed my first juice, and that jawn is still a block of ice. I'm not surprised. Thankfully, I wasn't starving. I shared a lean steak with bae last night and ate mad, steamed broccoli, so I wasn't completely famished. I don't know, maybe because red meat takes longer to travel through your system, like the old folks say. But nevertheless, I was able to take my first two juices out and allow them to thaw outside the refrigerator.  You can see my straw being held up at the top of the ice :)

These motherforkers mad that I'm icy!!!

These motherforkers mad that I'm icy!!!

Well, when you know better, you do better. I took out Wednesday's and Thursday's juices and moved them from the freezer to the refrigerator so they can thaw. Wednesday's may not be thawed by tomorrow if I leave them in the fridge, but Thursday's should.

How do I feel? Pretty good thus far. A little mind cloudy. Mind cloudy? Is that a thing? Meh...

The juices taste really good, especially since they still had ice in them. They are sugary though, for my palate. I don't think any sugar was added, but to me, fresh squeezed OJ is really sweet. So, think sweet like naturally sweet, not artificially sweetened, sweet.

I doubt that I'll get through all 6 juices today. Mainly because I'm drinking a lot of water and mint-green tea (unsweetened), and it's just a lot of liquid. I'm going to try though. 

Do I have energy,? Yes. Do I want to chew something? Yes, but I'm going to try to hold off on eating, even if it's raw fruits and veggies. At least for the first day.

Cool. So, biggest takeaways:

1) Give your juices two days to thaw in the fridge.

2) Don't plan to do anything on Day 1 that would require you to be mentally sharp.

Note: Please excuse all typos. I just told y'all my mind is cloudy today because of this cleanse. Totally wasn't kidding.