Day 2 and Day 3... Ooooooo Weeee

So, I didn't post yesterday. Mainly because I got bad news and spun into a depression about why I'm an actor and did I ruin my life. But that's another post.

I did eat *some* solid food yesterday. I had a handful of raisins and some raw fruits and veggies. Also, I think I kind of suck at this cleanse. I only drank four juices yesterday. Again, I was down for half the day which I think had a lot to do with it.

But today, I'm back and ready to seize the day! I don't feel bad or weak, physically. But, drinking the same juices daily is cumbersome. 

WEIGHT LOSS UPDATE: I've lost 5lbs since starting this cleanse! Well, I basically started Saturday, with eating clean to prepare for the cleanse. I cut out gluten, alcohol, sweets, all that stuff, and only ate fruits, veggies and lean meats.

So, from Saturday until today, I'm down 5lbs! That's major for me because I was really worried that I couldn't lose any weight.

One more day y'all...

My breakfast on Day 2.

My breakfast on Day 2.

ANOTHER UPDATE: I ate a bag of pirate booty today. So sue me!!!