I'm BACK like I forgot something...Oh wait...the country!

So...Election Day was a trip, huh? I've spent the last several months unpacking how this administration has turned our country into an international punchline. In addition, I think your president looks like pig slop, if pig slop could talk and had baby hands. Like...barf.

But, instead of being self-destructive and biting my nails or harming kittens, I decided to take my s*** talking to another level. Oh yes! I shall talk my pure, first-class, Grade A, unadulterated s*** on a new podcast! 

U OK? Podcast is about post-election angst and how to cope. I mean, we're all sorting through stuff, let's do it together! We've had some amazing guests who helped me feel better about this world (a world I low-key thought would explode on November 9th. But it didn't...and here we are). The best part is that we don't just talk about what's making us feel crappy. We talk about what's making us feel good in spite of the folklore which is our current political administration (I still don't believe this is happening). And we tell jokes. And talk about mental health. And objectify cute boys as much as humanly possible.

So yea! Check us out at www.uokpodcast.com and listen to me drop all kinds of deuces on your boy D. Trump. Until then!